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Businesses all over have been raising their game like never before, especially when it comes to investing heavily in their digital marketing strategies. This is where a CDP comes in.  

A CDP is packaged software that creates a constantly unified customer database, accessible to other systems. CDPs vary in their type of data intake, real-time updates and queries, creation of customer profiles and segmentation, and campaign management among others. 

Sitecore's latest acquisition of Boxever, now known as Sitecore CDP, improved their processes to meet and exceed ever-changing customer expectations. Sitecore CDP has the ability to sift through thousands of records to shape personalized content that delivers exceptional customer experiences. 

Businesses can utilize data to make every customer interaction smarter, optimized, and more personal.  Sitecore CDP differentiates itself from other CDP vendors by acting as a “smart hub” and going beyond simply collecting data. Using AI and ML technology, the CDP is able to activate your data with cutting-edge decisioning, testing, and personalization.   

Key capabilities: 

  • Segment data based on users that share common attributes, behaviors, or transactions 
  • Implement a "privacy by design" approach to your organization's data with PII and non-PII configuration options 
  • Harness all-party data to uncover brilliant and actionable customer insights 
  • Share and activate learnings from real-time audience insights across your organization  
  • Collect, connect, and unify customer data from any channel 
  • Activate customer insights and predictive models in any channel
  • Visualize and analyze the entire customer journey 

Meet new and emerging demands, by focusing attention on centralizing, automating, and humanizing processes.  

Reach out to us for a no-cost, no-commitment consultation to learn more about Sitecore CDP and how it can fit into your technology stack. 

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